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The Refugee Friends Care Organization (RFC) was established as the will of refugee community members to participate actively in the protection of high-risk refugee children and youth, as well as to take an active role in the civil society development through the promotion of 1) respect and non-violation of human rights, the rights of refugees and other marginalized groups; 2) the youth leadership and social entrepreneurship, community services, and the realization of the sustainable development concept in their host country - Uganda. Furthermore, the organization was established in the following context. The great lakes region is among those hardest areas in Africa hit by endless civil wars and interethnic conflicts since several decades. As results, human rights have been violated. Thousands of women and men have been sexually abused. Some others lost their fortunes and they have become poverty-stricken at the point they are now unable to cover living basic needs. While most of the affected people are emotionally exhausted, traumatized and destitute. Due to such an awful situation, thousands of young persons are fleeing their countries of origin towards the republic of Uganda where they hope to find greater safety, freedom and happiness. Unfortunately, upon arrival in Uganda, they are faced with new challenges: discrimination in the work place, corrective rape, robbery, murder, stigma, homophobia, harassment, bullying…These challenges have made this social group outcast, isolated from their family, community and society.

Taking into account the above situation, Refugee Friends Care Organization (RFC) was created on 12th of January 2016 by a pro-active group of 6 refugees from different backgrounds as an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit-making organization. Refugee Friends Care Organization has its registered head office in Kampala city. RFC is dedicated to promote the respect and the non-violation of the human rights, the rights of refugees and rights of marginalized groups. As new organization, within two years of existence, RFC, has provided (1) assistance to 25 new arrivals to complete procedures of getting asylum and refugee status through police and prime minister’s office in Kampala of which 15 were sexual minority persons; and (2) emergency aid (safe shelter and food) to 15 young persons who are new arrivals for asylum procedures for three months. The website is designed to provide information about the organization, core program developments, and access to various publications that RFC develops. It is updated regularly with the latest information. Refugee Friends Care Organization (RFC) works with and for both urban and rural refugees aged 7 – 40 who are particularly high-risk and in critical need of interventions that assist them in recovery and filling social and economic gaps. Our huge challenge is to find necessary means to implement cost-effective programmes to provide rapid response to most pressing issues at an appropriate time.

To create better futures where justice, peace, education, health, dignity, freedom and the preservation of the environment are promoted and sustainably supported.

To promote the respect and non-violation of the fundamental human rights, the rights of refugees and marginalized groups.

Equality – All human beings are equal and equally deserving of life. Security – We should all have the tools to meet our basic needs and the needs of our families and the ability to live without violence or fear. Voice – We should all have a say in the decisions that affect us. All voices must be heard, especially the one of marginalized groups. Respect – We recognize and respect the dignity, diversity and knowledge of all human beings.

  • To support the child refugees to access basic education, health care, nutritional care, parental care so that in future they can be self-reliance.
  • To sensitize refugees on prevention of sexually transmitted infections like HIV/AIDS and other STIs.
  • To raise public awareness of human rights violations.
  • To provide free-of-charge legal assistance to asylum-seekers and refugees who otherwise could not afford paying for legal services.
  • To undertake local actions alone or together with grassroots refugee and minority groups to further equality and opportunities for all in the most disadvantaged communities and hostile areas for refugees and minority groups across the country.
  • To equip the marginalized youth with the training, support and funding they need to build successful, scalable business and to become the job creators of the future and thus become self-sufficient.
  • To ensure marginalized young entrepreneurs are aware of and participate in national, regional and international business forums, conferences, seminars and competitions.

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