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Are you interested to join our team today? Why not spend your summer vacation, school holiday, gap year or university break with us? We need volunteers of all ages and nationalities to help make a difference in our community. We really know that it is always difficult to determine which worthy cause out of so many deserves the most attention at any given moment. We appreciate very much that you will choose to support this cause in such a special way. Why volunteer with Us? Refugee children, youth and women are the most vulnerable to child exploitation and sexual violence resulting in a lack of education and economic empowerment opportunities due to their status as refugees. Only able to attend local school until the age of 12, they leave with limited job prospects, and consequently, many are tempted away from their community to seek low paid jobs. In addition, the lack of access to learn certain 21 first century skills that will contribute in their career and human development are part of the social exclusion problems facing these already marginalized youths. We are therefore convinced that we know best about the needs of the people we serve. Since, we are all members of this community and maintain a close contact to the beneficiaries of our help. We invite you to help us improve the lives of our community members. Furthermore, we are particularly interested in your skills and qualifications and not in your money. That is the reason why we charge reasonable participation fees, which will cover your accommodation and everyday living expenses including transport, food and a contribution to our ongoing project activities. You will not be asked to make any further donations or fundraising. Of course we are more than grateful for every financial contribution to our project, but this remains your own decision/good will. How much does it cost? The volunteer fees include accommodation (home stay, volunteer apartment or onsite at your project), 3 meals daily, project contribution, and training: in-country orientation, volunteer coordinators’ allowance, and more:
  • 1 Month US$ 300
  • 2 Month US$ 500
  • 3 Month US$ 600
What's not included? Flights, insurance, visas, vaccinations, departure from the program. PS: We recommend you allow a weekly budget of US $30 for your other expenses such as bottled water, personal items, beverages, and entertainment.
What are you going to do? Well, this depends mainly on you and your qualifications. You can chose to either support our existing projects or to offer fresh ideas and new project ideas. That means, you have a variety of projects to engage in such as:
  • supporting the formation of women refugee self-help groups
  • providing health education, (HIV sensitization and prevention)
  • supporting children in computer science
  • providing vocational training
  • working in sexual reproductive health and rights
  • supporting the domestic violence and child abuse projects
  • volunteers, especially those completing an internship or conducting a research, design and implement their own projects under the supervision and with the support of our staff and community workers.
  • All new projects must of course complement our organization's overarching aims. However, we highly encourage you to think about a way in which your own skills and qualifications can contribute the most to our projects. This enables us to offer you a tailor made volunteer placement that fits to your personality and your preferences.
Where do our volunteers stay? Our volunteers can stay together with either selected host families or guest houses/hotels. Every volunteer will have his or her own room, with electricity, flushing toilets and a comfortable bed. Delicious local meals will be prepared for volunteers and living with a family will provide volunteers with an in depth experience of an African everyday life that they would not have if they lived in a guest house or hostel. What do we expect from you? We do expect you to be open minded and willing to get in close contact with our members and culture. Flexibility and the desire to help are the perfect qualifications. However, should you have a unique technical or educational background that is an in-demand skill-set. We highly encourage people with special skills to apply. We are happy about every knowledge and action shared with us that supports our cause. A basic knowledge of the French language is required in order to interact with our members who only speak Swahili and French. Few of them speak English. Our volunteer coordinators will translate the most but volunteers are strongly required to be prepared to learn some basic phrases in those two languages. Since, we are dealing with refugees from Burundi, DRC, and Rwanda. They will experience that people will appreciate this very much. As, we are dealing with most marginalized people mutual respect and a sufficient knowledge of our cultural habit is essential. But don’t worry, our staff will prepare you in detail and you will experience that refugees are very hospitable and open towards foreign people.

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