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We are an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit-making organization. We are dedicated to promote the respect and the non-violation of the human rights, the rights of refugees and rights of marginalized groups. Our organization was established as the will of refugee community to participate actively in the protection of high-risk children and youth, as well as to take an active role in the civil society development through promoting the youth leadership and social entrepreneurship, community services and realization of the sustainable development concept in their host country - Uganda. We are passionate about informing, training, connecting and providing resources to transform lives.
This website is designed to provide information about the organization, core program developments, and access to various publications that we develop. It is updated regularly with the latest information.

Our Projects!

Computer Coding School

We teach and encourage attending girls and boys to build apps mobile, websites, video games, cartoons and more digital products themed on various topics - gender-based violence, climate change mitigation, peace and conflict resolution, sexual education and reproductive health and so many other life issues using existing ACW resources (, and

Sexual Education & Reproductive Health

This project focuses on creating an interactive approach that involves the audience in developing real time strategies for enacting social and personal change using the theater problem solving tool. We create, rehearse and present scenes that show moments of social problems (unsafe abortion, poverty…) and then invite the audience to intervene and enact solution to the problems presented.

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