Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of Refugees

Raising sexual and reproductive health and rights awareness among French speaking key populations in Kampala

“Refugees and asylum seekers are extra vulnerable. They, too, have the right to correct information about sexual and reproductive health, and access to help and counseling whenever they have questions or problems”. Ineke van der Vlugt. Programme coordinator. Rutgers

In Kampala, the refugee key populations are currently facing multiple and overlapping vulnerabilities in their lives. These key populations have no factual information about the sexual and reproductive health and rights. These young people are most vulnerable to infections and unwanted pregnancies due to widespread sexual gender inequality and sexual gender-based violence resulting in a lack of education and economic hardship. As such, they resort to selling sex as a means of subsistence, putting them at increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs), unsafe abortions, suicide...

As to the latest findings about serious issues affecting the victims of the non-respect and the violation of the sexual and reproductive health and rights in Kampala slums, ninety-nine percent (99%) of 120 key populations reported that homophobia was the main driver of their adversity, unhappiness and suffering. They said: “We are already facing multiple and tremendous difficulties including bullying, harassment, family disapproval, social isolation, and sexual violence. These threats cause poor self-esteem and feelings of shame and lead us to more emotional distress, suicide attempts, substance use, and risky sexual behavior”. “We do not know who we are and what we are. We are only waiting for death and maybe we are already dead!” they added. The exact number of key populations in Kampala is difficult to estimate, but data suggests the number is large enough to warrant special attention and targeted programming.

In the current refugee crisis in the great lakes region of Africa and particularly in the republic of Uganda, RFC wants to focus more on the sexual and reproductive health and rights of refugees. Our services include treatment of STIs, safe abortion, contraception, treatment of trauma, and sexuality education in a socially safe setting and at the right time.

Organization InformationRefugee Friends Care Organization is a refugee-led organization dedicated to promote the respect and non-violation of the fundamental human rights, the rights of refugees and marginalized groups in Uganda and in the region of great lakes of Africa.

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