The Nakulabye Girl’s Hope Sports Club concept emerges from the premise that to achieve maximum benefit to the community, and it is further reinforced by the adoption of three (3) interdisciplinary organisational priorities outlined in the 2018 – 2020 Medium Term Strategic Plan (MTSP): Girls’ Education, Child Protection and Fighting HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions. Refugee Friends Care Organization Uganda has been supporting a wide range of activities that contribute to the MTSP priorities, many of which center around personal development and strengthening the capacity of refugee-led and community-based organizations to address the human rights violations, including the rights of refugees and marginalized groups, especially children, youth and women aged less than 35.

We pride ourselves to engage with children and young girls and boys to find ways to try and help girls and boys, but particularly girls given their higher risk of exposure to HIV to negotiate their way through life and remain HIV negative. Talking about such difficult topics as HIV/AIDS and sex with youth requires appropriate – and attractive – entry points.

A key element of our strategy is to help build up the capacity of youth clubs to make them an interesting and engaging focus of a low HIV risk lifestyle for young people using sports for girls, particularly football, as a key element of the overall strategy. Sport can tackle factors that contribute to the spread of HIV/AIDS by providing knowledge, life skills, access to services, and safe and supportive environments.

Organization InformationRefugee Friends Care Organization is a refugee-led organization dedicated to promote the respect and non-violation of the fundamental human rights, the rights of refugees and marginalized groups in Uganda and in the region of great lakes of Africa.

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