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Are you interested in a meaningful volunteer opportunity? Refugee Friends Care Organization offers you the right one! 
Why not spend your summer vacation, school holiday, gap year or university break with us? RFC welcomes volunteers of all ages and nationalities to contribute to our ongoing project activities. The key to ending poverty and creating harmony throughout the world begins with each individual person and how they choose to live their lives. One person may not be able to change the World, but they can change a life. Experience the happiness, struggles, aspirations and dreams of the people you assist – all while discovering the beauty, history and culture of Uganda.

Why volunteer with Us?

There are a big number of international organizations offering a variety of volunteer placements in Uganda. Most of them are doing amazing work and many communities benefit from their presence. However, we are convinced that we know best about the needs of the people we serve. We are all members of this community and maintain a close contact to the beneficiaries of our help. We invite you to help us to improve the lives of our community members. Furthermore, we are particularly interested in your skills and qualifications and not in your money. That is the reason why we charge reasonable participation fees, which will cover your accommodation and everyday living expenses including transport, food and a contribution to our ongoing project activities. You will not be asked to make any further donations or fund-raisings. We know this remains an issue with some volunteer organizations, but we are not one of them. Of course we are more than grateful for every financial contribution to our project, but this remains your own decision/good will.

How much does it cost?

The volunteer program fees including accommodation (home stay, volunteer apartment or onsite at your project), 3 meals daily, project contribution, and training: in-country orientation, volunteer coordinators’ allowance, and more:

  • 1 Month US$ 300
  • 2 Month US$ 500
  • 3 Month US$ 600

What's not included:
Flights, insurance, visas, vaccinations, departure from the program.
PS: We recommend you allow a weekly budget of US $30 for your other expenses such as bottled water, personal items, beverages, and entertainment.

What you are going to do?

Well, this depends mainly on you and your qualifications. Some volunteers work primarily to assist Refugee Friends Care Organization’s existing projects; offering free labor and most of all: fresh ideas and new perspectives. That means, you have a variety of projects to engage in such as:

  • supporting the formation of women refugee self-help groups
  • providing health education, (HIV sensitization and prevention)
  • supporting children in computer science
  • providing vocational training
  • working in agroforestry projects
  • Others volunteers, especially those completing an internship or conducting a research, design and implement their own projects under the supervision and with the support of RFC staff and community workers.
  • All new projects must of course complement RFC’s overarching aims. However, we highly encourage you to think about a way in which your own skills and qualifications can contribute the most to our projects. This enables us to offer you a tailor made volunteer placement that fits to your personality and your preferences.

Where do our volunteers stay?

Our volunteers stay together with selected host families. Every volunteer will have his or her own room, with electricity, flushing toilets and a comfortable bed. Delicious local meals will be prepared for volunteers and living with a family will provide volunteers with an in depth experience of an African everyday life that they would not have if they lived in a guest house or hostel.

What do we expect from you?
We do expect you to be open minded and willing to get in close contact with our local community and culture. Flexibility and the desire to help are the perfect qualifications. However, should you have a unique technical or educational background that is an in-demand skill-set. We highly encourage people with special skills and trainings to contribute to our organization. We are happy about every knowledge and action shared with us that benefits our cause and our community. A basic knowledge of the English language is compulsory, in order to interact with us. Still, some community members only speak Kiswahili, French. Our volunteer coordinators will translate the most but volunteers are asked to be prepared to learn some basic phrases in those two languages. They will experience that people will appreciate this very much. Since, we are dealing with vulnerable people mutual respect and a sufficient knowledge of our cultural habit is essential. But don’t worry, our staff will prepare you in detail and you will experience that refugees are very hospitable and open towards foreign people. 

If convinced, you are required to contact us immediately

Of course we need to know you better. Before applying, engage in self-reflection to identify exactly what kind of experience you are looking for. Send us your curriculum vitae and a motivation letter answering to these questions 1) Tell us, what makes you move? What do you hope to gain from this experience? 2) Where do you see your strengths and how can they contribute to our organization? We will get in touch with you within 48 hours after we received your application.

Organization InformationRefugee Friends Care Organization is a refugee-led organization dedicated to promote the respect and non-violation of the fundamental human rights, the rights of refugees and marginalized groups in Uganda and in the region of great lakes of Africa.

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