Computer coding for child (CCFC)
The computer coding for child (CCFC) is an educative and supportive programme which offers equal chance to the most marginalized children aged 7 – 17 to learn how to use computer science to create fun and interactive stories, video games, apps mobile, drawings, cartoons, websites and more digital products themed on various topics including gender-based violence, children and climate change, peace and conflict resolution, sexual and reproductive health and rights and so many other life issues.
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Gender-Based Violence Education and Life Skills
The gender-based violence education and life skills program intends to increase children and adolescents’ access to more effective, gender-equitable education and social-emotional learning and life-skills training, and ensure that the working environments are safe and enabling. We make sure that even the most marginalized children and adolescent youth are protected from both victimization and perpetration of certain forms of violence, including childhood sexual violence, youth violence, partner violence and childhood marriage. These advances also protect against the consequences of violence, including HIV, sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy.
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Nakulabye Girl's Hope Sports Club
The Nakulabye Girl’s Hope Sports Club is project supporting sports for the most marginalized girls and boys as a means of combating HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy as well as unsafe abortions.

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Organization InformationRefugee Friends Care Organization is a refugee-led organization dedicated to promote the respect and non-violation of the fundamental human rights, the rights of refugees and marginalized groups in Uganda and in the region of great lakes of Africa.

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